Thursday, March 28, 2013

And I'm Off! Brush Creek Artist Residency

Every suitcase I own is packed, with more to be picked up in Denver.

I'm off to spend the month of April way up in the mountains of Saratoga, Wyoming as an artist in residency at Brush Creek Ranch

[Photo courtesy if Brush Creek Ranch]

The Arts Foundation at the ranch offers residencies for composers, writers, and visual artists throughout the year, with about seven artists per month. It has been several months now since I applied: gathered letters of recommendation, set out a proposal, and submitted a portfolio. After waiting through a competitive jurying process, I was delighted to discover I had been awarded one such aforementioned spots for the month of April.

[Photo courtesy if Brush Creek Ranch]

Brush Creek is generous in its offerings: Private rooms, studio spaces, cooked meals, and more amenities are all taken care of in the award. Better still was the Career Opportunity Grant I received from the Oregon Arts Commission, one of two artist grant agencies in the state, to pay for my travel and shipping costs. 

Still so much to do! A brief stopover in Denver will afford me the chance to buy more supplies: new tubes of paint (which I was needing anyway), gesso, panels, canvas. I'll pick up some goodies at Whole Foods, some bed sheets (I think I need to being my own sheets?!) at Target, and perhaps do some sightseeing and museum-going.

On April 1st, no foolin', I'll head north to Laramie Wyoming where a shuttle will meet me and the other residents for a long drive around snowy peaks (rather than through, as would make for a shorter ride in the summer) to the ranch.

[Photo courtesy if Brush Creek Ranch]

While there I will paint, dabble in sculptural and book arts, and teach. I am slotted to visit the HUB, a rec. center in Saratoga where school kids gather in the afternoons, four times during the residency. Along with al of my own tools for making, I have packed my trusty bookmaking curriculums and some supplies to make  pop-ups books, keychain books, marbled paper and other nifty group crafts.

After some research, reading, and dreaming, I am already (phew!) full of ideas for work!

Everything I create at the ranch, along with work inspired by my trip afterwards, will be on display as a solo show at the West Linn Public Library in Oregon later this year.

Much to look forward to! I'll see you soon, hopefully the proud owner of some cool cowboy boots,


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring 2013 Collection: Almanac

On the Vernal Equinox I present the online debut of my Spring 2013 Collection: Almanac -- a lucky thirteen pieces about fate, fortune, omens, and luck.

Almanac is the exploration of humankind's willingness to defer to some larger power, be it natural or supernatural. This deference is traced across cultures and through the centuries via maxims, prescriptions, and nursery rhymes. Here, such beliefs are illustrated with everyday objects, plants, and animals encountered in domestic, rural, and occupational settings.

Pieces are slotted to be shown in Portland in May, when I return from my residency in Wyoming. I am, however, listing them for sale now -- if any tickle your fancy, I can put them aside. Please contact me for shipping information.

***Notice that several pieces come framed. Frames are black-pained wood "shadowbox" style frames, made locally by the same woodworker that makes my panels: the incomparable Matt at artsubstrates.

[Everything Happens for a Reason, 12" x 12," acrylic on canvas, 2013. $400-- framed]

[In Our Stars, 12" x 12," acrylic on canvas, 2013. $300 -- framed]
[Early Winter, 8" x 8," acrylic on panel, 2012. $250 -- framed]
[Moirai (The Three Fates), 7" x 17," acrylic on panel, 2013. $275]
[Moss Points North, 7" x 17," acrylic on panel, 2013. $275]
[Monday's Child, 16" x 24," acrylic on panel, 2013. SOLD]
[Red Sky at Night. 12" x 28," acrylic on panel, 2013. $400]
[Midnight Sun, 24" x 24," acrylic on panel, 2013. $900]
[Above and Below, 24" x 24," acrylic on panel, 2013. $900]
[Rabbit, Rabbit, 6" x 6," acrylic on panel, 2013. $200 -- framed]
[Three for a Girl, 4" x 14," acrylic on panel, 2013. $300-- framed.]
[Rosemary for Remembrance, 7" x 17," acrylic on panel, 2012. $275]
[Signs of Spring, 8" x 8," acrylic on panel, 2012. $250 -- framed.]

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Etsy Shop

I would like to officially announce here that I have opened a new etsy shop, SarahFaganArt, in which I will be selling fine art prints of my acrylic paintings!

[new shop logo]
My old etsy shop, with the same name as this blog (Petite Cabbage Press), recently hit 101 sales, and it seemed like an appropriate high note on which to shut it down.

I applaud all of the letterpress printers out there -- it is no easy job! As for me, I can no longer divide my time and am currently putting all of my energy into following my calling of painting.

So now you can follow me at New items periodically as I check to make sure new prints are up to snuff :)