Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Camps Almost Here!

Mmm, nothing like the smell of freshly-printed, glossy postcards! Kind of smells like beach balls.

Which is appropriate, since these postcards I just got in are promoting a couple of great summer camps I am running this June and July!

The bookstore I often teach at, Green Bean Books, is partnering with the Glass Fusing Studio right next door, Wells Glass Studio. Together, Becca of Wells Glass, Jennifer of Green Bean, and I will lead a group of kids ages 8-12 through bookbinding, papercraft, and glass fusing. June's theme: The Middle Ages. We will make our own paper, design and build a game board for a popular Medieval game -- and fuse our own glass game pieces to go along with it. We'll look into calligraphy, illuminated manuscript pages, and stained glass.

I am extremely excited for this week-long workshop (and one in July, focused on creations hailing from different cultures... think glass sushi trays, Egyptian Games, and Day of the Dead jewelry).

We are pushing sign up to be completed by June 1st so we can start collecting required paperwork. If you know a particularly crafty youth in Portland, send them this way!

To register, check out the calender at the Wells Glass Studio and click on the desired camp!