Thursday, March 29, 2012

Of Wishes and Cowboy Boots

Lately I've been happily busy with my artwork -- delivering work to shows, packaging pieces up for buyers, and sketching out my next series until I can find the time to go stock up on more paint and brushes! The big show at Breken depleted my supplies :)

[Wishes, Deconstructed, 2011, acrylic on panel]

Wishes, Deconstructed (above) will debut in a show at the Six Days Gallery on NE Alberta and 27th tonight for Last Thursday. The exhibit, entitled 6x6x6, isn't as Satanic as it sounds; it's work from dozens of artists all constrained to the 6" x 6" canvas size (or any medium) in a gallery open 6 days a week. All work is for sale and up through the end of the month.

[Texas Capitol Building, Austin]

I was also lucky enough to have a four-day trip to Texas last week to see family, friends, and enjoy some hot weather! A little toasty for March in my opinion, but appreciated nonetheless when I switched on The Weather Channel in Dallas one morning to see images of a school bus stuck in the snow back home in the Willamette Valley.

I'll put up some pictures of our trip to the Lone Star State soon, including some opinions on Portland's southern fraternal twin, the other "Weird" city -- Austin.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Grand Opening: A.N.D. café

My newfound Portland neighborhood is really taking off with some new businesses!

[Exhibit A, Exhibit B hang on the back wall of A.N.D. café on East Burnside this month.]

Case in point: A.N.D. café, an all-vegetarian (and often vegan and gluten-free) café from the owners of the Off-the-Griddle food cart on Division, has opened on East Burnside and 55th. Shawn and I have checked them out a few times since their soft opening, but this week is their big ole' official grand opening celebration with a party this Friday night, March 23rd. from 6 - 7 p.m.

Special food, drinks, and an art opening (I will have some of my work on the walls) usher in a revamped menu. If you like the idea of vegan cake pops, gluten-free blue corn waffles (amazing) and other tasty treats, come by and support the city's newest dietary-friendly digs!

A portion of proceeds from opening week goes to an animal rescue and rehabilitation facility as well :) What did you expect from the owners of a solar-powered food cart? These guys care about our world as much as your tummy.


Monday, March 12, 2012

A Sunny Breken (Break)

I took the opportunity, over this past gorgeous Thursday, to head to Portland's Breken Kitchen for lunch -- and check in on my solo show there. I wanted to take some photos of the space with actual, natural light (gasp! in Portland?) streaming through the windows.

Lunch was amazing and gluten-free friendly, if that's your thing (tip: check out their rotating specials on the blackboard). I was excited to see a sign that said the café is now open on Saturdays. Until now they were a M-F business. This means I can go there more for lunch; it's a bit far to swing by on weekdays, but really, really good. It also means there are 6 days a week all of you Portlanders can check out my show before it closes on Saturday, March 31. :) Here are some images of my visit:

[It was exciting to see my paintings in a pleasantly packed space.]

[I love the fresh tulips on the big communal table -- a nod to the Dutch name of the café -- "Breken" means "Break"]

[The triangular building just under the Fremont Bridge, west side, 16th and Thurman.]

Thank you, Breken, for giving me my Big "Breken" (alright, I'm tiring myself out with the puns) into the PDX art scene. I've been getting much positive feedback from café visitors who have picked up my business card and simply taken the time to get in touch with me.

All in all, there's nothing like Portland on a sunny day. I'm guessing the minor heat wave we had at the end of last week was probably due to the solar flare that happened Thursday, but whatever the reason, it was gorgeous enough to tide me over through what looks like weeks of downright miserable weather ahead.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Kids' I-Spy Pages

I'd love to take a minute to show off the wonderful I-Spy pages created by my bookmaking class on Thursday! Each student had an hour to create a collage by gluing found objects and compose a set of rhyming clues to go go with it. I photographed the scenes (they took the originals home) and am working on binding them all, with poems, into a little book for them to pick up at the next class.

All images and poems from kids ages 5-8. Enjoy! I am so proud of them! Can you find everything? Some are quite sneaky. :)

I Spy two pineapples, a teddy bear, and a bunny,
I spy 1 bird, an ice cream, and (spilled) honey!

I Spy the letter "O" and a square,
a green stick, two "M's," and a piece of yellow hair.
I spy a flower, a tear drop,
a "68," and a candle ready to plop.

I Spy a pom-pom, a red jewel, and a butterfly
a piece of paper, the number "218020," and a "Y."

I Spy a straw, a claw, a paw,
a butterfly, and a saw.
I spy a hippo, a plant, a man, a "HOT,"
a "G," a band-aid, a candle, a spot.

I Spy a sun, a piece of yarn,
a "4," and a barn.

I Spy a bird, a star, five things that are blue,
a red bag and a sillyband, too.
I spy a diamond, a deer, and a bear,
and something with no hair.

Sarah('s class)