Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter blues? May I recommend I-SPY?

My childhood was filled with I-SPY books. You know, the ones by Walter Wick with the amazing sets and photographs. Looking back at them now, they probably are a small subconscious inspiration for some of my painting work... still lifes lain out on tabletops.

So I'm very excited to be running an I-SPY bookmaking workshop this Thursday, March 1st, in Portland. It's for kids ages 6-12 at Green Bean Books from 3:30 - 4:30. (I'm not sure if there are any spots left, but 503.954.2354 will help you find out.) But I digress. I really just wanted to share what a nice little interjection into your day making an I-SPY page can be.

Hidden imagery, 3-D collages, using up all those little treasure you've been holding onto, and writing just the right rhyme to go with your picture... Mmmm.

I encourage anyone in a creative rut, anyone having a bad day, big or small, to sit down and make an I-SPY page. The world gets a little more magical.

I hope to run this class many more times, for children and adults. I think I may have discovered a new form of art therapy...


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sauvie Island, 2012

Winter in Portland can never be bleak with the abundance of beauty and wildlife on Sauvie Island. 20 minutes from our house, just north of city limits, it's a space I've come to know well and never appreciate more than in February, when groups of migrating birds converge, young eagles take flight, and rainbows are as common as rain. Here is my annual winter visit from last weekend.

[Cormorants and houseboats line the river bank.]

[The sun came in and out. Pointed out a young eagle to this family.]

[A juvenile bald eagle, the second we saw on the island.]

[Eagle again]

[Migrating Sandhill cranes take flight. The birds are near-threatened. Sauvie Island is one place in the U.S. bird watchers can see them consistently on their winter migration.]

[You can tell the cranes are nearby by their beautiful and haunting call.]

[A rainbow settles on a group of Sandhill cranes]

["Hey, Look, a hawk." I stuck my camera out the car window for a picture. Only after uploading it to my computer did I see it was an adult bald eagle.]

[A vole runs in quick circles on the side of the road. I believe it it a shock/defense response to confuse predators when it feels threatened. From me, or the hawks and eagles circling overhead? ]

[A dozen or so Vees of geese converge. Picture benefits from clicking for a larger image.]

[Blue Skies]

[Beach along the north coast]


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Alaska and Back

[To Anchorage!]

I found myself spending the end of last week in Anchorage.

The mountains were spectacular, the seafood was fresh, the days were chilly -- but not too cold (it was colder in Florida while I was up there, 20s F opposed to 30s) It was dark in the morning, but not so noticeably in the evening.

[On the way to the Zoo, 11:00 a.m.]

The locals were friendly. Everyone I talked to seemed to have been to, or knew people living in, Portland. And they all had recommendations of places I should go to eat back in PDX. Which I have duly noted.

[Rockfish pizza at Moose's Tooth]

[Lunch at Midnight Sun Brewing]

[Just pretending to be dismayed by the snow drifts.]

With Portland being so mild, it was nice to be around snow for a few days. I savored the feeling of fluffy snow and melting slush under my boots.

[Reflected in the glass façade of the Anchorage Museum]

I loved the Anchorage Museum. I spent the longest time ogling at the Smithsonian Exhibit filled with artifacts and contemporary craft objects from the Tlingit and other first peoples. The jade knives, woven boats, bone game pieces...

[...something that looked like the first lawn flamingo....]

[The exhibit]

As a maker and painter of objects (bookbinding/still life), the tools, games, and crafts resonated with me.


Ravens and magpies added forest noises and silhouettes of wings against the sky different from Portland's smaller crows and scrub jays.

Portage Glacier. I was content watching the sun rise at 10:00 a.m. from Earthquake Park, taking in the views as I drove to the Alaska Zoo and then around downtown.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Journal: Now at Breken Kitchen

It was a wild ride and a busy past few weeks but... it's up! I invite all of my readers to see my solo show in Northwest Portland's Breken Kitchen this month and next.

Entitled Journal, the show is the culmination of five months' work. The images, composed of paired objects recalled from dreams, create perplexing double portraits -- while perhaps offering some insight into the id of the artist/dreamer.

Breken is a beautiful café and coffeeshop in the historic Triangle Building of Portland's Slabtown neighborhood.

The show remains on view through the end of March. Drop by for a Ristretto pourover, pastry, or grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich (!) Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Oh, and maybe look at the walls a little while you're there ;)

A big thank you to all of my supporters along the way! You keep me going!


Friday, February 3, 2012

It's First Friday East of the Willamette

And we're off! To two First Friday openings in SE Portland where several of my paintings and book art works will be on view. First stop: 100th Monkey Studio's Evolve Gallery for the Home show, artists' interpretations of the space they call home. Included, of my work:

[White on White]

[How Many Birds Make a Home?]

[Oregon, Deconstructed]

Then it is down to the Pink Show, an annual event in Industrial SE Portland held around Valentine's Day. Accepted is anything pink, sparkly, and sugary -- proceeds from the show in part benefit art programs in public schools. I have five pieces in the Pink Show, including these classics from my mini paintings last year:

So drop by if you can! They should both be good parties, and of course both are up through February 28th. (I know it's a Leap Year, but the 28th still seems to be the magic number for shows ending this month!)


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goal 10: More Cooking from Scratch

[From my 2012 Ambitions.]

• Spelt Quickbread recipe from the incomparable Anja.

• Whimsical breadboard handmade in Germany by snug. studio