Sunday, September 30, 2012

When September Ends

Ahh: late summer, early fall. The time of year when the only posts that pop up on my blog feed are those who blog about recipes (and thank goodness for that, giving me lots of ideas of how to use all of the tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, and squash from the bountiful farmers' markets and the humble home garden).

Summer is a time away from the computer, and fall, somehow, is back to the busy season no matter one's age or profession. And the blogs sit in silence.

And so a quick recap of the past month, brought to you by the letter "I" for instagram, which I caved for and downloaded.

As an artist I feel I should hate a product that makes "photography" so simple; but it got me... those filters are gorgeous!

Crooked River, Smith Rock State Park; Three Sisters peaks in background.
Labor Day weekend trip to Central/Southern Oregon. 

Tea on the rim of Crater Lake, deepest lake in the U.S., Crater Lake
National Park, Southern Oregon.

Feet up at the fire pit, Bend, Oregon.

Wizard Island in Crater Lake, Crater Lake National Park.

One of several art shows over the summer. My work at
Suzette Creperie, SE Belmont St., Portland

And delicious crepes (vegan, gluten free) at Suzette!

Ahh, homemade dried cherry and pecan spelt bread.

Harvest season at its best: Seared yellowfin tuna, firelli peppers, and roasted
tomatoes stuffed with purple garlic on a bed of spicy arugula from the garden. 

Portland's mayor and I discuss my work in what turned out to be a very profitable
art opening: The annual Industry & Art show on Portland's Swan Island Shipyard,
a shipping port on the Columbia River.

Traveling, exploring, cooking, painting... September was fabulous. Not a drop of rain all month here in our rainy city. My work schedule has gotten busier now that it is fall; I teach morning preschool and afternoon after-school art classes at different venues most everyday of the week. In my spare time, I paint, paint, paint! I have been selling work like I wouldn't have believed a year ago, shipping work off to shows across the country, and am currently prepping for a solo show in a huge gallery space this November. Here comes October... better hang on tight.


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