Sunday, August 5, 2012

East to West

I spent the last two weeks visiting the East Coast -- from New York to Pennsylvania to Northern Maine, seeing extended family, playing tourist in Boston.

[Hotel View, Manhattan] 
[Visiting the best NY friends... and their best pups!]

[Walking the High Line green space]

[Researching my ancestry in Jessup, PA]

[Connecticut River from Norwich, VT]

[Grinding wheat berries into flour at the King Arthur factory in VT]

[Connecticut River]

[Cobblestoned Boston, MA]

[The perpetually busy Mike's Pastry in Boston's North End]

[Some spiritual kitsch in the North End]

[A food cart -- that sells Portland's Stumptown Coffee -- in Cambridge, MA!]

[Sam Adams Brewery Tour -- very well done, and a big check off the list after
six years of living near Boston and not visiting]

[Magical and mechanical art at the MIT Museum, Cambridge]


Of course no view was quite as majestic as that of Mt. Hood, Mt. Bachelor, and the Three Sisters as we descended back into Portland :)

I brought some of the East Coast heat back with me -- PDX has been struggling through some of  the hottest days of the year. I am ready, however, to jump into a busy August! Now for some R & R after hanging another solo show today on SE Belmont's Suzette Crêperie!


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