Monday, April 30, 2012

April Recap; Prints Coming Soon

It's been a while, blogger! The last few weeks have been filled with:

• working on my spring collection of paintings for a solo show I have in July -- in a gallery!
• promoting classes and summer camps
• baking (getting quite good)
• teaching bookmaking to talented kiddos all over Portland
• working on my 2012 resolutions, from reading new books to buying curtains • catching some Vitamin D when the sun is out
• admiring the great amassment of blooming things that is spring in Oregon
• trying not to sneeze to much from said amassment of blooming things
• making wares for the "craft fair season" that is the month of May

[Special Delivery!]

One of my recent projects has been tweaking and test printing digital prints of my paintings. I received a large order in today from my printer, which means I am going to begin offering prints of my work on a mass scale. They will debut in two craft fairs in May, and hopefully, in the future, be for sale by request on my website:

[I am playing with framing and display as well]

2012 is the year that my art becomes my business. I am working on that balance of tallying receipts and applying to shows, of studying tax law and finding a decent number of hours in the week to, well, keep creating.

Love it.


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  1. I love your macaron pic. I want to eat it!