Monday, March 12, 2012

A Sunny Breken (Break)

I took the opportunity, over this past gorgeous Thursday, to head to Portland's Breken Kitchen for lunch -- and check in on my solo show there. I wanted to take some photos of the space with actual, natural light (gasp! in Portland?) streaming through the windows.

Lunch was amazing and gluten-free friendly, if that's your thing (tip: check out their rotating specials on the blackboard). I was excited to see a sign that said the café is now open on Saturdays. Until now they were a M-F business. This means I can go there more for lunch; it's a bit far to swing by on weekdays, but really, really good. It also means there are 6 days a week all of you Portlanders can check out my show before it closes on Saturday, March 31. :) Here are some images of my visit:

[It was exciting to see my paintings in a pleasantly packed space.]

[I love the fresh tulips on the big communal table -- a nod to the Dutch name of the café -- "Breken" means "Break"]

[The triangular building just under the Fremont Bridge, west side, 16th and Thurman.]

Thank you, Breken, for giving me my Big "Breken" (alright, I'm tiring myself out with the puns) into the PDX art scene. I've been getting much positive feedback from café visitors who have picked up my business card and simply taken the time to get in touch with me.

All in all, there's nothing like Portland on a sunny day. I'm guessing the minor heat wave we had at the end of last week was probably due to the solar flare that happened Thursday, but whatever the reason, it was gorgeous enough to tide me over through what looks like weeks of downright miserable weather ahead.


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