Monday, March 5, 2012

Kids' I-Spy Pages

I'd love to take a minute to show off the wonderful I-Spy pages created by my bookmaking class on Thursday! Each student had an hour to create a collage by gluing found objects and compose a set of rhyming clues to go go with it. I photographed the scenes (they took the originals home) and am working on binding them all, with poems, into a little book for them to pick up at the next class.

All images and poems from kids ages 5-8. Enjoy! I am so proud of them! Can you find everything? Some are quite sneaky. :)

I Spy two pineapples, a teddy bear, and a bunny,
I spy 1 bird, an ice cream, and (spilled) honey!

I Spy the letter "O" and a square,
a green stick, two "M's," and a piece of yellow hair.
I spy a flower, a tear drop,
a "68," and a candle ready to plop.

I Spy a pom-pom, a red jewel, and a butterfly
a piece of paper, the number "218020," and a "Y."

I Spy a straw, a claw, a paw,
a butterfly, and a saw.
I spy a hippo, a plant, a man, a "HOT,"
a "G," a band-aid, a candle, a spot.

I Spy a sun, a piece of yarn,
a "4," and a barn.

I Spy a bird, a star, five things that are blue,
a red bag and a sillyband, too.
I spy a diamond, a deer, and a bear,
and something with no hair.

Sarah('s class)

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