Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sauvie Island, 2012

Winter in Portland can never be bleak with the abundance of beauty and wildlife on Sauvie Island. 20 minutes from our house, just north of city limits, it's a space I've come to know well and never appreciate more than in February, when groups of migrating birds converge, young eagles take flight, and rainbows are as common as rain. Here is my annual winter visit from last weekend.

[Cormorants and houseboats line the river bank.]

[The sun came in and out. Pointed out a young eagle to this family.]

[A juvenile bald eagle, the second we saw on the island.]

[Eagle again]

[Migrating Sandhill cranes take flight. The birds are near-threatened. Sauvie Island is one place in the U.S. bird watchers can see them consistently on their winter migration.]

[You can tell the cranes are nearby by their beautiful and haunting call.]

[A rainbow settles on a group of Sandhill cranes]

["Hey, Look, a hawk." I stuck my camera out the car window for a picture. Only after uploading it to my computer did I see it was an adult bald eagle.]

[A vole runs in quick circles on the side of the road. I believe it it a shock/defense response to confuse predators when it feels threatened. From me, or the hawks and eagles circling overhead? ]

[A dozen or so Vees of geese converge. Picture benefits from clicking for a larger image.]

[Blue Skies]

[Beach along the north coast]


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