Friday, February 3, 2012

It's First Friday East of the Willamette

And we're off! To two First Friday openings in SE Portland where several of my paintings and book art works will be on view. First stop: 100th Monkey Studio's Evolve Gallery for the Home show, artists' interpretations of the space they call home. Included, of my work:

[White on White]

[How Many Birds Make a Home?]

[Oregon, Deconstructed]

Then it is down to the Pink Show, an annual event in Industrial SE Portland held around Valentine's Day. Accepted is anything pink, sparkly, and sugary -- proceeds from the show in part benefit art programs in public schools. I have five pieces in the Pink Show, including these classics from my mini paintings last year:

So drop by if you can! They should both be good parties, and of course both are up through February 28th. (I know it's a Leap Year, but the 28th still seems to be the magic number for shows ending this month!)


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