Monday, January 9, 2012

Closer Look: 2012 Goals 1 and 9

I tried to make my 2012 goals realistic this year -- things to work towards, to look forward to, things over which I had control. We're into the second week of January, and they are starting to spiral... out of my control!

For example, Goal #1: "Finish the series of paintings I am working on, 'Journal,' and start another."

If I resolved to, say, find a venue for said series somewhere in town, it might not have happened; I could have gotten frustrated, which isn't the best motivation. I have control over whether I pick up that paintbrush.

[So close! Give me two weeks!]

But 2012 had other plans. I just found out a fabulous café and coffee shop in northwest Portland has asked me to show my work on its walls for the month of February in what would be.... my first solo show! The space calls for quite a bit of large work, and it's the large works I am in the process of finishing. If a promised show on the (very near) horizon isn't motivation to complete Goal #1, I don't know what is.

And how about Goal #9? "Keep exploring this wonderful state I moved to, plus its friendly neighbors."

A weekend in Southern Oregon's Crater Lake, I thought, or a day trip to Mt. Rainier in Washington would satiate the old travel bug. But the first week of January brought about another unexpected twist. Yadda yadda yadda, I'm going to Alaska in early February (just after that café show is hung!)

[Headin' here!]

So in a roundabout way, I'm working on my goals my goals are working on me.

More on sneaky #1, #9, and the rest as they unfold.


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