Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Ambitions

"Resolutions" are hard work. I'll avoid that word and offer a list of things I am looking forward to experiencing, making, and doing in 2012!

1) In the world of painting: Finish the series I am working on, Journal, and start another.

2) In the world of printmaking: simply continue to print! Whether it is work trade hours at my old school, joining a printshop, or miraculously stumbling across my own press, using my skills in some capacity is the most important thing here. I hope to print some new card lines and other merchandise throughout the year.

3) In the world of bookbinding: Bookbinding is a bit easier to do from my home studio than printmaking, so let's be a bit more ambitious. One project I would love to create is an edition of board-book style structures, hand bound, featuring my own painting work.

4) Book related crafts: I love to make boxes with book board, and I've ventured into toy-making too with tic-tac-toe sets this past year. I plan to progress with that idea and make a playable checker board that functions as a piece of art as a work of art as well as a playable game.

5) Get curtains.

6) Try yoga.

7) See the friggin' Weather Machine go off. Just once.

8) Read at least twelve new books. Best sellers I have not yet gotten to and Classics that somehow I missed are at the top of the list. Novels like The Grapes of Wrath, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, The Handmaid's Tale, Gone with the Wind, and Jude the Obscure at the helm. Suggestions welcome.

9) Keep exploring this wonderful state I moved to, plus its friendly neighbors. There are so many beautiful places in Oregon I have not yet been: Bend, Crater Lake, Ashland (for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival). A trip up to Washington's Mt Rainier and Olympic Peninsula, and a ferry to Victoria, BC, are contenders as well.

10) Keep up this whole foods, cooking from scratch trend A few years ago my recipe index was looking grim. And canned. Now I'm no stranger to breads from scratch with spelt and coconut flours, curries and soups, home roasting coffee beans and soaking dried beans. I'll also toss in phasing out non-stick cookware (it's going to be illegal soon, anyway) and packaged goods with BPA (it's illegal in Europe... come on, America).


This year, as I foster the relationships I have made with clients, schools, individuals, and shops around Portland, I hope to catalog the inception of above "ambitions," tracking my progress and adventures throughout the year. Let's see how many check marks there are next to the above items come 2013!


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