Thursday, December 29, 2011


A year in quiet moments, Oregon, 2011:













See you in 2012,


Monday, December 19, 2011

Making Toys Like it's 1899

This week and next I am offering children's paper craft classes at SE Portland's 100th Monkey Studio for winter break! I'm very excited, as the first class (this Thursday, December 22) is all about historical toys.

We'll be seeing what children in Colonial, Pioneer, and Victorian America played with and received for the holidays by making our own puzzles, thaumatrope spinners, puppets, miniature theatres, and volvelle paper doll toys (whew!) before a mini art show at the end of the day. Then everyone gets to take home their boatload of handmade wares to keep or give as gifts.

It's a 9-3 workshop, but with a lunch break and a little "recess" break to the play field at the school next door I'm sure the day will go by quickly for everyone!

The workshop is just one day of neat crafts the 100th Monkey is offering every weekday of school break for 6-11 year olds, so check out their website to sign up for any or all in advance.

I have a second coming up next Wednesday in, surprise surprise, my specialty -- bookmaking! We'll be making book structures from around the world like Medieval girdle books, Ethiopian wishing scrolls, Incan quipus, and Southeast Asian Palm Leaf Books. All tried and true winners :)

I'm honored to finally be a part of this beloved PDX establishment that has been offering art therapy, art classes, exhibition space, and studio space to Portland youth and adults for over five years.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No kids, dog, or house, but...

I finally live in an apartment large enough for a real Christmas tree!

Which, somehow, was never important to me at all until I found myself living in an apartment large enough for a real Christmas tree.

The tree is sitting on a short table and covered with leftover book ornaments I made for holiday sales this year.

I say "left over" because, though December may have just started, I am done with holiday craft fairs for the season (other than etsy). Any more bookbinding and printing I do this season will already be for next years sales! But here's a nice blog mention of my work from the last one I was in, a holiday craft sale at a studio called Camp Cactus: a shout-out to my broadside posters!

Happy... shopping?