Sunday, May 22, 2011

Put a Pug on It: Pug Crawl 2011

Today was the annual Pug Crawl here in Portland, a parade of costumed pugs (and hundreds of their pug friends) sponsored by the Oregon Humane Society. The event was located in the northwest at MacTarnahan's Brewery and Taproom for the second year in a row. Donations from participants (and pugless audience members, like yours truly) go toward shelters and the adoption of dogs citywide.

This year's theme was Puglandia, and stars from the Portlandia TV show joined in the audience as pugs paraded around, many in costumes representative of our fair, quirky city.

[Many pug owners did indeed "Put a bird on it."]

[There were pugs in hoodies and pugs on skateboards]

[A VooDoo Donut Pug]

[representing Portland's microbrewery scene, there were pint pugs...]

[...and six pack pugs]

[Pugs with their own unique fashion sense]

[Sushi Pugs]

[even a crowd favorite, an Ewok pug]

[plus plenty of pug audience members]

This has fast become an annual event for me. Though I'm still sneezing from the gale of pug hair that inevitably landed on my clothes, it was worth it!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

When Sun Comes to Portland

[An afternoon gallery sitting at the Thesis Show in the Pearl]

[Dinner at the Daily Cafe]

[A walk through Tanner Springs Park]

[Two coffee ice creams from Cool Moon in Jamison Square]

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Press and Summer Camps

Officially graduated! The Books Arts sale up at school did really well this weekend too; thanks to all who came by!

In other news, there was an article about my children's book arts classes in yesterday's Oregonian! The online link to the story is here.

I am starting to offer my children's art classes at a new venue this spring and will also be offering bookmaking and raw art material making mini camps there this summer.

Sign up is happening now! Kids ages 6-11 welcome!

Send me an email at to get your kiddo set up, or call the venue, Village Gallery of Arts at 503.644.8001.

Schedule will be posted here soon. Dates for camps (4 day weeks, 10-1 daily) are June 20-24, June 27-30, and August 1-4.

I get a kick out of the fact that my name in the article, when clicked, takes you back here. I love my blog but I think it's time for a website as well! Where do I begin? I already have a domain. It just needs a little decorating.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Thesis Opening Downtown! Book Arts Sale!

Tonight is the opening of Last Call, the work of ALL of the graduating thesis and post-baccalaureate students from the Oregon College of Art and Craft, 2011, in the same space.

I have the same work that was in the school's Hoffman Gallery last week, but in a huge space downtown with 20+ others (yes, the graduating class is about 30 students. It's one of the smallest colleges in the country).

Stop on by! Sunny and 70° in PDX! Opens tonight at NW Hoyt and 10th in the Pearl in the old Attic Gallery space. Two blocks south of Jamison Square. 6:00-10:00 p.m. Hours net week: T-F, 10:30-5:30 p.m.


And tomorrow is graduation! While I was done with my course load in December, tomorrow my post. bacc certificate becomes official with a snazzy (letterpress printed by hand, of course) diploma.

Running concurrently with graduation will be sales at the school. Students, alum, and faculty from the Ceramics, Book Arts, Metals and Fibers departments will have handmade wonderfulness on sale all day (10-5) Saturday and Sunday at OCAC.

I've got a bunch of new products for the Book Arts sale! Here are some new letterpress printed sundries:

["Calling Cards" Take a message or leave your number on these cute little guys.]

[Black, Pink, and Aqua 5 packs.]

[Cocktail Recipe Cards]

[Shaken or stirred, he's ready to serve. Or at least remind you how to make your friend's award-winning Limoncello.]


Friday, May 6, 2011

Art Challenge

Well I just got back from my second opening this week! This time it was an annual show I participated in at a local gallery in the Cedar Mill area of Portland.

Every year the gallery has an "Art Challenge:" 100 artists, 4 canvases each, 1 theme per series. It was an interesting show; the food was fantastic (I believe each participating artist brought something!) and the work was varied, fun, and affordable. I'll be back at the gallery tomorrow to do a bookmaking demonstration for a Mother's Day fair, and may have to make a few purchases...

[My four paintings, Deconstructed Macaron]

Here are my four paintings... they all sold!

Working tomorrow morning, then looking forward to Crafty Wonderland in the afternon!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thesis Show

Tonight was the opening of an art show highlighting work from all seven graduating post baccalaureate students from the Oregon College of Art and Craft (of which I am one). Though I got my certificate in Book Arts (binding and printmaking), I opted to put three of my paintings in the show. They are up in the school's Hoffman Gallery through May 9th, at which point they will make their way to a second show downtown, joining the work of the BFA graduates.

[My paintings]

[Another view, behind Margaret's lovely vessels]

This series stems from work involving table tops I started shortly after getting my BA in 2007. Here are all three (click for larger image)

[Out, Out Brief Candle]

[Of Each According to His Ability, to Each According to His Need]

[The Rain on the Eaves/Drives Me Awake]

All are 2010, acrylic and vintage book pages on panel, 24" x 16."

One show down, four to go! Recent graduates of OCAC are given plenty of opportunities to show their work in Portland... let's hope the momentum keeps up after May!


Birthday Bucks.

Spring shows and sales are drawing near, and the apartment is full of both painting and printmaking projects.

One such project: my newest line of letterpress printed birthday cards. Check them out in my etsy shop... that is, if you can handle the terrible pun! ;)