Friday, October 14, 2011

New School Year

In case you're wondering what I do all day when I'm not painting or sitting idly and loving our new neighborhood, it's this:

[Encouraging messiness as long as the ink is 100% washable.]

Or more specifically, getting back in the swing of my children's classes as the new school year begins. My traveling curriculum of book arts and bookbinding workshops for children has grown since last year, and I have been lucky to have a good response from Portland schools (even with drastic budget cuts).

I continue making messy art with toddlers every week at Mississippi Treehouse, and this fall games and paper toys weekly at Green Bean Books.

[Thaumatropes -- optical illusion toys popular in the nineteenth century -- in action]

This October I am a guest artist at a charter school in North Portland, offering a series of eight binding classes to the grammar school kids twice a week. There are odds and ends as well: one-off classroom workshops, PTA meeting presentations, and hopefully a few more permanent venues in the works. It's just been a good season to streamline and brand my classes and get the word out there about what I offer... and of course I'm having a blast at every class, I always learn something new from my students!

[Cat and Dog are in love no matter the weather... (the brass fastener is their wedding ring!)]