Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Final Camp Thoughts and Jumping into August

Just some final images from book art camp last week, which I ran with a great group of kids here in PDX. The last day of camp was super busy, and everyone worked together to hold an amazing art opening of all their work. We decorated, pasted the outside of the building with signs, and figured out how to display all of our book projects. Parents, family, friends, and neighbors filled the patio for the 3:45 opening on Thursday afternoon. I made a sweet playlist for the event and played in on my mac book, haha, had a snack table and even some swag bags for all the artists.

[Showing off the tunnel books/paper theatres]

[Detail of one of the tunnel books]

I was also surprised by some presents from the campers! Some of them took what they had learned and made me tiny books as gifts... they're lovely and proof of exactly what I was hoping for... that bookmaking would live on at home!

[Do you see the very tiny one in the bottom right corner?]

A full slide show of the camp and the opening is available on Green Bean's facebook page.


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