Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What my Classes Have Been up to

At halfway through July, I thought I would recap what some of the students in my kids' art classes have been making this summer!

The Toddlers:

Tuesday mornings are toddler art time at the local toy and consignment store Mississippi Treehouse. This week we had a teddy bear picnic on the carpet and did some sponge painting. Always interesting to see how the 15 month-olds vs. the 3 year-olds interact with the materials!

[The Teddy Bears are getting ready for a healthy picnic...]

[With black apples!]

The Preschoolers:

Once a week this summer I have been contracted to visit a local preschool and offer book-based art classes (involving reading a book and creating an art project about the book... also usually in a book format). Last week we made a group book based on Leo Lionni's "A Color of His Own." In the story, a chameleon changes color wherever he goes. In our group book, we colored pieces of paper and attached them to a big wheel that got connected to a big book with a brad. As the wheel spins, different colors show through a chameleon-shaped window. Kids can stick the colorful velcro object of their choice under the chameleon and spin the wheel to match the chameleon's colors. Or vice versa. But that would sort of be the reverse of how nature works.... okay, I guess chameleons don't really turn bright pink either, but they do in Lionni's book.

[The template... no colors yet!]

[Our completed book!]

[Close Up.]

The Big Kids:

I've been having 5-11 year olds join me at at Green Bean Books every week this summer for some "art history themed" art and bookmaking classes. No sitting through slides here... last week was all about Action Panting and creating artwork without an agenda or control. Kids took to the deck, and, after making Meander Books, were able to explore four stations of "Action Art" including painting with spray bottles and splatter painting like Jackson Pollock. Everyone went home with (and as, judging by the amount of paint we got in our hair) many works of art.

[Marble Paintings dry in the sun]

[Jackson Pollock Splatter Painting! Looks like we needed a bigger dropcloth.]

So lucky to have such great artists at such welcoming venues... hoping to continue my classes and maybe offer some more at local library branches as the school year begins.


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