Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thesis Show

Tonight was the opening of an art show highlighting work from all seven graduating post baccalaureate students from the Oregon College of Art and Craft (of which I am one). Though I got my certificate in Book Arts (binding and printmaking), I opted to put three of my paintings in the show. They are up in the school's Hoffman Gallery through May 9th, at which point they will make their way to a second show downtown, joining the work of the BFA graduates.

[My paintings]

[Another view, behind Margaret's lovely vessels]

This series stems from work involving table tops I started shortly after getting my BA in 2007. Here are all three (click for larger image)

[Out, Out Brief Candle]

[Of Each According to His Ability, to Each According to His Need]

[The Rain on the Eaves/Drives Me Awake]

All are 2010, acrylic and vintage book pages on panel, 24" x 16."

One show down, four to go! Recent graduates of OCAC are given plenty of opportunities to show their work in Portland... let's hope the momentum keeps up after May!


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