Sunday, May 22, 2011

Put a Pug on It: Pug Crawl 2011

Today was the annual Pug Crawl here in Portland, a parade of costumed pugs (and hundreds of their pug friends) sponsored by the Oregon Humane Society. The event was located in the northwest at MacTarnahan's Brewery and Taproom for the second year in a row. Donations from participants (and pugless audience members, like yours truly) go toward shelters and the adoption of dogs citywide.

This year's theme was Puglandia, and stars from the Portlandia TV show joined in the audience as pugs paraded around, many in costumes representative of our fair, quirky city.

[Many pug owners did indeed "Put a bird on it."]

[There were pugs in hoodies and pugs on skateboards]

[A VooDoo Donut Pug]

[representing Portland's microbrewery scene, there were pint pugs...]

[...and six pack pugs]

[Pugs with their own unique fashion sense]

[Sushi Pugs]

[even a crowd favorite, an Ewok pug]

[plus plenty of pug audience members]

This has fast become an annual event for me. Though I'm still sneezing from the gale of pug hair that inevitably landed on my clothes, it was worth it!


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