Friday, May 6, 2011

Art Challenge

Well I just got back from my second opening this week! This time it was an annual show I participated in at a local gallery in the Cedar Mill area of Portland.

Every year the gallery has an "Art Challenge:" 100 artists, 4 canvases each, 1 theme per series. It was an interesting show; the food was fantastic (I believe each participating artist brought something!) and the work was varied, fun, and affordable. I'll be back at the gallery tomorrow to do a bookmaking demonstration for a Mother's Day fair, and may have to make a few purchases...

[My four paintings, Deconstructed Macaron]

Here are my four paintings... they all sold!

Working tomorrow morning, then looking forward to Crafty Wonderland in the afternon!



  1. Congrats on selling all four, and what a fun theme! Is your bookmaking demonstration Mom-themed?

  2. It was more Getting-Kids-to-Sign-up-for-My-Classes themed ;) The gallery and other local shops/cafes had one of those wholesome neighborhood parking lot fairs (complete with Mom's Day plant sale). I'll be doing summer bookmaking camps at the gallery so I had a craft table for kids... until the rain came.