Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A (Semi) Daily Painting

The other day, I realized that we are well into the first week of April, and I have four art shows coming up in May (plus one in June) that I am set to show in. Gulp. I've been spending so much of my time working on curriculums for the kids' art classes I teach that it's been easy to forget about the whole "being a practicing artist" thing...

So time to switch gears and get some painting and binding done every day!

One show in particular opens the first week of May at Portland's cooperative Village Gallery of Arts. The exhibit is an annual show they hold called the "art challenge," in which 100 participating artists are given four 6" by 6" canvases to paint (or collage, or build off of... any medium is acceptable) during the month of April under a self-imposed theme.

Here is my first canvas...

and no, it won't be hatching into a chick in the next three canvases.



  1. Thank you Daniel. Nice informative site you keep there... it seems to bring up concerns I've had over the years that you just don't see written about elsewhere. Good, solid advice. I'll be poking me head in every so often...