Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The weather has been nice lately, which has allowed me to check out a few more food carts and happy hours around town -- as well as the first iced coffee of the season on Saturday at Fresh Pot (and a second at Cup and Saucer). I've been inspired to try some new dishes at home, too... so now, an homage to this week's food.

On Thursday, it was crepes from Perierra Crêperie food cart at the "Cartopia" pod of carts on Hawthorne.

Some of Portland's best food (and cleanest dining locations, often getting 100% on health inspection scores) is on wheels. Food carts often have one specialty--Czech food, waffles with toppings, twelve different types of French fries--and tend to cluster in pods or parking lots complete with picnic tables, canopies: the works.
I got a turkey, brie, cranberry spread and arugula crepe.

Friday, a vegetarian meal: Moraccan chickpeas with quinoa, lemon garlic sauce, and boiled brussels sprouts, carrots, and turnips.

Saturday I found myself helping with an all-day Easter Egg hunt and spring celebration at Mississippi Treehouse, where I teach my toddler art classes on Tuesdays. Shawn came and spent the day wandering through the street's vintage clothing stores, hoping to serendipitously find a suit for our wedding. The egg search wound down just in time to take an afternoon walk in the gorgeous 70° F weather and stumble upon Casa Naranja up the street. I get it, "Orange House," but it bugs me because Naranja is Spanish for orange the fruit--and not the color, no?

[Una bicicleta anaranjada y la Casa Naranja, ja, ja]

The back patio was covered with sand and seating involved your choice of wooden or rope chair swings. Fun!

[Casa Naranja, your sangria makes up for your lack of foreign language skills.]

Alright, off to make dinner ;)


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