Thursday, April 21, 2011


In recent posts I have been alluding to a special event happening today, and truly, it is a secret I have been keeping for MONTHS until the news was officially released to the media, which it finally was tonight! So...

Anyone watching channel 8 or KATU news tonight (at least those of you in Oregon) probably saw me on television!


For all of you non-Portlanders: Every year Portland has a three-week event known as the Rose Festival, complete with Rose Parade, Rose Queen, a new rose variety bred in honor of the festival, a carnival and other special events, and a commemorative poster and limited edition wine label every year. It's a big Portland holiday of sorts.

This year, I was the artist chosen to design said wine label.

[The President of the Rose Festival and I unveil my wine label design]

With the Rose Festival coming up next month, the official media unveiling of the wine label design was tonight in Southeast Portland. It involved the Rose Festival President and I literally pulling a curtain off a blown-up version of the design for news crews, followed by a networking party and wine tasting of the limited edition Rose Festival wine from the Festival's winery sponsor, Oak Knoll. My label design, based off a painting I did in the fall (chosen in a December contest open to students and alum of OCAC), will appear on three limited-edition varietals of wine from Oak Knoll: a Pinot Noir, a Pinot Gris, and a Rosé of Pinot Noir.

[Too pretty to drink; a Pinot Gris, Rosé, and Pinot Noir]

After the unveiling of the design, the president of Oak Knoll Winery presented me with one each of the varietals bearing my label (that was a nice surprise!), and I signed a few dozen other bottles to be auctioned off.

A couple hundred cases will be available over the summer to collectors and a few select stores around Oregon (I believe Fred Meyer and the Made in Oregon chains).

It was an exciting night, the first of a few events surrounding the wine label, and I am happy to finally share my news with you! This is my first product design, and it was such a joy to see bottles of wine with my artwork on them.

Snag a bottle if you see them, Oregonians! ;)

Now preparing for what is supposed to be a beautiful Earth Day tomorrow; I will be running a recycled craft booth at the Earth Day Fair on Mississippi Ave! Drop by and say hello (and make one of five projects out of a cereal box, haha).



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