Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Class of Meriwether and William Inspired Journals

I've been busy preparing for a bookmaking workshop I will be teaching this week. While I'm used to my weekly classes with 4 to 8 kids, this workshop will be with a class of 25 third and fourth graders!

[My take on a Lewis and Clark Journal]

A local elementary school wrapped up a Read-a-Thon in March and decided to give the winning class (the one that clocked the most hours reading during the month) a prize of... ::drumroll, please:: a personalized bookmaking workshop taught by yours truly!

The winning class is studying Lewis and Clark (so neat to be studying them while living in Oregon!). What would Lewis and Clark be without the dozens of journals they filled with maps, sketches, and notes? In honor of the "writingest explorers of their time" (to quote one historian!) we'll be binding faux leather journals by hand, just like Lewis and Clark used.

We'll even be making the faux leather, which could get messy! Aside from the one anachronism, we'll be using largely 19th century materials like elk bonefolders, twine, beeswax, and awls to be making authentic pocket-sized blank journals.

I am thrilled to be bringing this type of hands-on history and craft to our public schools, and hope I can provide more similar workshops to the community in the future. Just working on carving out my little niche...


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