Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Opening of Connection, and a Walk in the Woods

It's been a relaxing weekend after a busy First Friday show!

There was a great turnout for the opening of Connection at the Art Department this Friday (the first artist there had to turn earlybirds away at the door until the rest of us showed up to finish setting up)!

The ten artists and five pieces filled up the space well, as the pieces were mainly large and interactive... providing a fun time for visitors. Some of our work is definitely a little scuffed up from all the "play," but this is exactly what most of us wanted and it was fantastic to see our creations being explored, used, and appreciated in a way often not allowed in the gallery setting.

[Our piece, "A Journey," ready and literally asking to be played!]

Inside our game box (made by me) lie four beautiful ceramic jars (made by my colleague and partner for this project, Daniel), along with a set of instructions. Each jar holds three appropriated texts from children's stories, science books, novels, or works of theatre and poetry. Some were typewritten on scrolls, some bound into small books. Some were simply crumpled paper, and, fortune cookie-like, revealed a message inside to the curious player.

The texts vaguely lead the player from jar to jar, text to text, hopefully imparting some whimsy, nostalgia, or message of personal meaning along the way. The instructions state "play until satisfied."

The ending is, after all, often of less import than the journey.

[Elsewhere in the space, B and P's "Blue Tent" and I and M's walk-in "Tabernacle" proved popular photo-ops throughout the night]

[Our game being played!]

Connection comes down Friday (p.s.--a big thank you to Anna [the same friend who supplies me with homemade ice cream every month!] for the vinyl wall text. Love it!)

Saturday was sunny, warm, and a time to take it easy after the opening. Perhaps a walk through the trees...

Right now, I live closer to the city of Beaverton than downtown Portland. Beaverton can feel like a busy suburb and notoriously poorly planned, but has a few redeeming qualities such as chain stores that can be hard to find in PDX proper (Staples, a giant Fred Meyer, JoAnn's Fabrics, Michael's). To be added to the list: Tualatin Nature Park. I found this large temperate rainforest nature preserve in the middle of Beaverton a welcome way to spend Saturday morning. The best part? A few of the paths were paved/wooden boardwalks. This is a good thing because dirt trails in most other areas we explore (Wahsington Park, the Portland Audubon Society) are up-to-your-ankles muddy... sometimes all through the year (even, inexplicably, in the summer when it hasn't rained for weeks) but especially in March. It was nice to have a place to listen to the birds and enjoy the green everywhere without, well, slowly sinking.


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