Sunday, March 27, 2011

Farmers Market: for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

While lately it has been raining every day here in Portland, we're on to that time of year where there are also amazing periods of sun every day between the showers. So I stepped out early this sunny Saturday to go to the PSU Farmers Market, the largest in Portland. The plan was to gather all the root vegetables I needed (luckily they were all in season) to make borscht for dinner.

Obligatory picture of the radishes and chard here... set in front of a sage green Victorian house, this is the first inviting view you get of the market when coming from the north.

I gathered our beets, our parsnips, and our cabbage, and set off to try some of the many cooked food and bakery booths that also lined the perimeter of the market.

A handful of local bakeries were represented in tent form, and at least half seemed to be vegan/gluten free... (okay, I'm not really either, it's just nice to see them available). In the end, I was won over by Two Tarts. Their display was just too irresistible: about a dozen small cookies you could choose from for 80 cents each. The possibilities of mixing, matching, and collecting a bagful of inch-wide cookies was too cute to walk by.

I got five. (check out the bite-size of the raspberry/almond macaron.)

For a larger plate lunch, I avoided the long line and deep fryer of the Pine Street Biscuits booth (this time), and went to Verde Cocina.

[Verde Cocina at the Farmer's Market = lunch]

A giant hot plate was constantly in use, roasting fresh vegetables. Acquired: veggie gringas: two soft corn tacos filled with sauteed carrots an onions with a side of mixed beans and mixed greens, all covered in red molé sauce. Vegan, gluten free, and delicious!

Oh, and the borscht worked out great that night. I love making eastern European dishes as it makes me feel a little more connected with my heritage. I think we may try to do a bunch for Easter this year.


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