Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Consignment and Art with a Pop

What's that? Behind the unfortunately-reflective glass? It's my prints! In the window of a real brick-and-mortar store!

I'm happy to say my cards and prints are now available for retail sale in both Green Bean Books and Mississippi Treehouse, two Portland shops at which I am also lucky enough to teach art classes.

Speaking of classes, this week held two messy toddler art classes at Mississippi Treehouse! (a double-whammy for spring break, the usual Tuesday class was also held on Wednesday).

We sang and fingerpainted and stomped on a floor covered in bubble wrap. We also poured paint onto our sensory table... which was wrapped end-to-end in butcher paper and bubble wrap for an audible printmaking experience with hands, sponges, paper towel tubes, blocks, and even a pine cone (insert joke about "Pop-Art" here).

I love the effect of the paint on the bubble wrap. Looking forward to more finger painting at the Treehouse next Tuesday. No tools; just a pure hands and paint experience. It will be nice for the younger crowd of toddlers we've been getting.

There's nothing quite like spending a busy and playful morning with almost-two year olds to put one in a good mood...


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  1. This is such a great site! I like the way you set this up...Thanks for sharing this! Very creative!...Daniel