Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pop-Ups for Grown-Ups and other page turning classes

Some great news about my bookmaking classes at Green Bean Books today!

Grown Ups: No longer do you need to don pigtails and pretend to be seven years old, or sneak a peek over your children's shoulders to learn how to make pop-up books! Next Thursday is the premiere of "Pop-Ups for Grown-Ups: A Paper Power Hour" at Green Bean Books, 1600 NE Alberta.

For one hour we will explore pop-up structures (some covered in the kids' classes, some not). Preschool teachers, educators, parents, and scrap bookers will go home with tips, tricks, models and handouts on how to make movable book structures (with an emphasis on how to make them with kids, as well).

Different structures will be covered on February 17th, March 3rd, and March 17th, all Thursdays, all at 4:45. We'll see if this time works for everyone!

Click on the flyer below (and click again to enlarge it) for full details.

Speaking of pop-ups, last week's kids classes at Green Bean made Lift-the-Flap books. By the end of the class we had made castles, forests, backyards, treehouses, and cars with lots of surprises beneath windows we could open and close. I read a lift-the-flap board book favorite (Dear Zoo) to the classes and we discovered the library copy I had was missing a flap that had been torn off.

It was a good conversation starter about how fragile pop-ups (and similar books) can be, and how we need to be gentle with them. One of the students even decided to play book restorer and make a new flap to repair the torn page! Way to go!

Next week, at our regular children's times (2:30 and 3:30) we'll be making an awesome book structure: Rainy Day Idea Cards (with a raindrop pouch). We'll be using some new materials like felt, mat board, and rubber stamps. I'm looking forward to it! Call Green Bean to reserve a spot ahead of time, as always :)


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