Sunday, February 27, 2011

Of Pig Washing

The week was spent finalizing a pamphlet I've been working on with all of my March class offerings, which I've been dropping of at some local businesses. The next class I'm prepping for specifically will be this Tuesday at Mississippi Treehouse... an art exploration class for toddlers! Horray for toddlers!

Every Tuesday morning the tods (and parents) and I will explore a new sensory theme. This Tuesday we'll be mixing "clean mud" giving some plastic farm animals a mud bath (in honor of the Tuesday holiday: National Pig Day, of course!) We can scrub them off with soapy sponges and go back and forth from mud to bath (and then perhaps a story time of the porcine persuasion when we're done?). Looks like it's going to be a full class, too! Check out the website for the rest of the March schedule.

[They are so ready to play in the mud]

Mississippi Treehouse may be a toy and clothing store, but with concrete floors and a play area it should be a good place for kids to get messy, too. What a brave owner it has ;) When the weather warms up our art experiences will head outside. So happy to have this new venue! I was a toddler teach for a couple of years before moving to Portland, so it will be great to make art and messes with this age group again.



  1. Happy Anniversary!!
    Sounds like a really interesting class, I would call dibs on the sheep. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary.

    Those kids are so lucky. I love these classes. Can you save some of these activities when I have children someday...or I can just play with the toys myself now? So much fun!

  3. I was pretty excited to open those animal toys. They have that new toy smell. They're now recovering from their "spa day," as we started calling it.