Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'll need a Spunky Monkey fix at 2:30 every day for a while.

[Where I spent my weekend... in my little booth at the I Heart Art craft sale.]

I didn't realize until today, when uploading this image, that I don't understand the last line of the sign. "50% coffee-artists"? Now, there was coffee at an espresso bar in the building, but I wouldn't say it was 50% of the event. Nor was anything, as far as I know, 50% off. The closest I can figure is that it portended the end of the fair: With free local coffee for all the participating artisans (from Spunky Money Roasters), by the end of two days I suppose we were 50% coffee/artists.

[Above: Petite Cabbage Press booth set up during the fair]

I met some wonderful people at the fair, both visitors and fellow vendors. Thank you to everyone who stopped by for a chat; you made the somewhat drizzly weekend all the brighter!

I wouldn't say it was a busy event, but it was good to have the experience and stay on top of the science of packaging up my products, tetris-ing them into the car, and setting up my table. It also made me create double time during the past week, finishing up lots of in-progress projects and launching some new ones.

In the images above, you may see the outcome of one such new project... giclee fine art prints of my paintings! I'm been toying with giclees for months now, finding the right printer, getting high definition images of my work, and having archival prints made on canvas-like watercolor paper in the six color printing process that is giclee. During the coming weeks, my prints will be making thier way both into my etsy shop and, hopefully, into retail locations around town.

Stay tuned!



  1. Can't wait to see more giclee prints! Your booth looks super cute.