Monday, February 14, 2011

Huzzah for Cooking Blogs!

Back in December I decided to get out of a cooking slump at home -- a string of uninspired months where I seemed to make the same dozen or so things every night.

Food bloggers to the rescue! I thought it was time to share some of my favorite food blogs to follow.

Lately I've been keeping up with local Portland blogs For the Love of Cooking and A Profound Hatred of Meat.

(There's something nice about following local blogs; it feels a little bit like buying local.)

For the Love of Cooking is an addiction! Blogger Pam often uses simple (in a good way) ingredients to post fun yet non-intimidating recipes. Often you'll find you do have all of the ingredients you need in your home, or you could easily come by them. If you're ever wondering what you'll do with those leftover potatoes or spices... just check the next day's blog; she'll likely have posted a great way to use leftovers, too. The pictures are beautiful and step-by-step. It's tempting to make what Pam makes every night (and sometimes, we do!) Plus one doesn't feel like one is ruining the recipe by switching up the ingredients a bit.

[above: our vegan take on For the Love of Cooking's taquito recipe, here using refried beans instead of meat]

A Profound Hatred of Meat has some in-depth vegetarian--practically all vegan--recipes. They're involved and varied; meat-eaters wouldn't even notice they're vegan. A mix of vege/vegan recipes are always a welcome find!

[above: a baked potato like you've never had before from A Profound Hatred of Meat The curry/cayenne pepper/ginger sauce was awesomely spicy]

You may have heard of this next blog over on TypePad: The Bitten Word

I only found it recently, and it's based on magazine and other published recipes with tweaks. Some of the recipes are a little bit more in-depth or use more expensive ingredients than we're used to (they like their shallots, lemon zest, spices you probably have to go out and buy, and expensive cheeses) but I did one that it sounded like I couldn't pass up: Spring Shells and Cheese.

I used 2% milk instead of whole and halved it, but I tried to follow the recipe... it was wonderful!

[The fancy baked shells and cheese! yay!]

This Valentine's Day, I love YOU, food blogs!


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