Friday, February 11, 2011

Hot off the Press!

Check out the show cards my friend Amy of art i made and I just finished printing for a group show we're both going to be in on March 4th!

Letterpress printed on a vandercook, of course, with two runs--one a wire collagraph and one handset lead type.

We felt that a craft show deserved show cards hand printed the old fashioned way!

It's a first Friday show at the ART DEPARTMENT gallery on SE 9th and Main, for all of you Portlanders out there! Snacks and Full Sail will be plentiful, so drop on by!

We printed a limited edition (around 300) physical show cards, so be on the look out at your favorite coffee shops, cafes, and other haunts around the city... you might be lucky enough to snag one ;)


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