Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sun in Portland makes me want to have an iced tea by the pool.

Nothing like a sunny day in January to make it feel like spring really is on its way to Portland.

I spent the morning enjoying the sun with a trip to the Chinese Gardens downtown, lunch at Lovejoy Bakery, and then a trip up to the Pittock Mansion for arguably the best view of the city and Mt. Hood beyond. I had only been to the mansion on a cloudy day before now, and couldn't have known what I'd see beyond the fog. Portland often has two faces like that.

The Chinese Gardens did a nice job of including plants that were green and colorful even in winter.

Pittock... one of those beautiful, sad views (sad because your camera can't capture it at all). I always find it amazing that things like a full moon or a snowy mountain can look so big and bright to your eye only to become specks in typical camera lens.

But it was lovely. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend,


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  1. That was a beautiful day! It was pretty gorgeous out today as well. Also, your photos are beautiful. Just gorgeous. I found your blog from the pdx etsy team. I'm new. Look forward to seeing more from you! Take care!