Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spin That Wheel! at Green Bean

I spent the morning prepping for tomorrow's kids' class at Green Bean Books. At 2:20(ish) and 3:30, I'll be leading kids through the nuts and bolts of constructing a book with a wheel, a structure also known as a volvelle.

The book page has a window through which you can see one of three images as you spin the wheel behind it!

My book is a winter scene... I can't wait to see what kind of environments the kids draw and collage tomorrow! I love, love, love their ideas!

I believe there is still one spot left in the 3:30 slot, for any crafty PDX kids looking for an after school project!

I also created a take home project for my students tomorrow.... it involves brass fasteners (brads), as the wheel book does.

On a brad fix, I pulled out some left over felt from another children's class and constructed this little guy. For someone who doesn't sew, I'm seeing some potential in the ability to connect things without a needle and thread... hmm...


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