Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Quite Content With What I'm Doing, Thanks.

Have you seen those posters at craft fairs, etsy, etc. that state what you'd rather be doing?

"I'd Rather Be Drinking Wine!"

"I'd Rather be Sewing!"

"I'd Rather Be Crafting!"

They're big right now. So why not tell the world (or at least that sign collector you know) what you'd rather be doing? Making one of those dang signs and getting in on the wealth.

Lmited edition of seven, signed and numbered. Available at my etsy shop.

Of course for me, it's true... making a sign means printing, which I have sadly fallen in love with just after I've finished my Book Arts certificate program. I am still using the printshop over winter break, however, so I've bee busy printing for the months ahead (my own wedding invitations, perhaps??) and getting jazzed up to maybe apply to a local printshop and keep going.

Plus, there's a great view of the snow-capped Coastal Mountains from the bindery. I don't think the print shops in town have that. Oh, little school on the hill.


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