Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Finally Made A Treasury

My first etsy treasury, A Light from the Shadows, made in honor of lengthening days and approaching spring. Give it a click to see more items!

It was a lot of fun (and more work than I imagined!) to curate it thoughtfully. Enjoy!



  1. the craft nerd inside me is a little sad at the fact that i don't know what a treasury on etsy

  2., notice how 12 featured items rotate on the front page every day. Those item combinations are all made by members. If you go to "buy" and "browse treasury," you look at sets of 12-16 grouping of themed items members have created. (if you're a member you can go to "create treasury" you can do one!) If your group treasury gets enough visits, attention and is, quote, "beautiful" enough, it can be posted on the all-coveted front page for like a half an hour, drastically increasing hits of all featured shops. You can't put your own items in a treasury but it's a blast to play curator!