Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 in Twelve pictures

Other blogs have been doing this, so, here it is: my 2010 in review.


After returning to Portland from a holiday in New England, I spend a hectic and wonderful 72 hours hanging, celebrating, gallery sitting, and taking down strand(ed), an art show I was in with eight friends downtown at The Virtuoso Studios.


It feels like spring has come early to Portland. Visits to Sauvie Island and a Sequoia Grove in Washington Park.


I visit Vancouver, BC for the tail end of the 2010 Olympics, and spend a long weekend surrounded by cherry blossoms, mountains, and the wonderful view from the Museum of Anthropology.


My art dabbles in three dimensions and I make things I've never made before, like paper dresses and bonefolders from elk bone. It reaches 70 degrees F. It snows.


Sure, I went to Vegas. I hurt my foot and began what would be about four months on crutches. But I also went to something called the Annual Pug Crawl in Portland, which was probably the most significant thing I did that month.

I spent an afternoon surrounded by hundreds of pugs--pugs is costume, dressed as food and superheroes on parade; pugs watching pugs on parade; pugs swimming in a kiddie pool, and pugs giving kisses for charity at a pug kissing booth. Nothing else really seems to matter once you've experienced a day like that.


June was perhaps the wine connoisseur month, if there ever was one. With fairly nice weather and little mobility due to crutches, my summer day trips largely consisted of visiting different wineries around the northwest. Washington's Maryhill Winery overlooking the Columbia River Gorge was probably the most beautiful.


I leave my job as a magazine editor. I turn 25.


My mom came to visit, and we spent 72 hours taking in the wonders of Portland and surounds.


After a a few weeks of offering children's book art classes at Green Bean Books over the summer, I started a six class fall curriculum at the store. I hope my class offerings continue to grow in 2011! I leave my crutches in the closet and start on the path of physical therapy.


M and A visit! Shopping, mild hiking, and macaron eating ensues--like these at Ken's Artisan Bakery.


I paint, paint, paint, and print, print, print, as I realize I am wrapping up the last semester of my post bacc. degree, that ether in between undergrad and grad school.


I visit New Mexico to look at the University of NM as a grad school possibility, and realize it doesn't hold a candle to the environment, view, and equipment I've had for the past 18 months at OCAC here in Portland. We get snow.


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