Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A (Semi) Daily Painting

Craft fair went well. I want to do more! Time to restock...

4" x "4. Sold!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

One More Day

of the annual holiday craft sale at OCAC!

Spent the day working at the sale; it was a nice end to the holiday weekend to be wrapping gifts and listening to the soundtrack from "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

Everything comes down tomorrow at 6--check it out for some wonderful handmade gifts.

Friday, November 26, 2010


was spent double checking inventory for the holiday craft fair,

baking cookies (which I meant to make last night) for the opening night of the fair,

transporting 60+ items up to the fair and trying to find room for them (managed to snag some wall space for the paintings),

and figuring out that sending my first internationally-purchased etsy item overseas (to London) was not going to cost as much as I had dreaded!
(image from www.worldhum.com)

Looks like Black Friday is a little daunting when you're the seller as well as the buyer! phew.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A (Semi) Daily Painting

This macaron and other paintings will be available Friday-Sunday at the Oregon College of Art and Craft student and alumni holiday craft sale. House is covered with price tags, book cloth and paper scraps right now as everything comes together. I'll have 50+ items this year!

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving! This time last year, I was here:

sitting on Waikiki Beach.

And snorkeling, and hanging with sea turtles.

But home in Portland when it's snowing (instead of raining) isn't that bad at all.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A (Semi) Daily Painting and Snow

They talked about it on the news all night. Traffic was slowed and everyone was advised to carry tire chains. It sounded like a blizzard was coming--but no, under an inch of snow was expected. This is apparently just what happens when it snows in Portland.

I woke up to about a half an inch of snow dusting the trees and rooftops. It was lovely. It was nothing, coming from Boston. And yet area schools were closed. Roads were littered with warning signs. Snow in Portland is scarce, but even a little bit... can be dangerous. Ther aren't many plows and the road is rarely sanded or salted. The elevation changes quickly around Portland, so a pleasant ride downtown could suddenly turn into a icy drive up the West Slope hill. And all of that infamous moisture that always seems to be in the air... that gets into your car, your locks, your window panes... freezes. Forget car doors being stuck; we couldn't even get the car keys into the locks this morning, even after pouring antifreeze on them. And so it was a brisk 1/2 mile walk to class at 16° F.

On the upside, we got lots of bird friends at the feeder this morning.

On to the painting! Lately I have been working on larger pieces, which I will begin posting soon. There have been a few smaller daily paintings though, here is one of them:

And the colors went rather nicely with the blocks painting from earlier in the fall:

On to a day of more prep work for the OCAC Holiday Craft sale happening Thanksgiving weekend!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Palm Leaf Books and More at Green Bean

Finally having a chance to write again: This past Thursday's class at Green Bean was one of the first we've had to have inside because of the rainy/cold weather! We've been very lucky up to this point.

We made Palm Leaf Books, books traditionally made from long, flat, dried palm leaves in warm places like Indonesia and India that are strung together on one or two cords. Palm leaf books often hold poetry, prayer, mantras, or other spiritual/"good" writings. In our own pages we drew and collaged images of things or people that we were thankful for.

Of course, when six children get into collaging... get really into collaging... in a small indoor space...

Let's just say we took over that bookshop! We were practically swimming in decorative papers as we cut and collaged in stocking feet (may of us let our rain boots dry by the sofa!) It was certainly fun to have a little explosive art nook to ourselves, but at the same time I got the idea that three or four children would be more conducive to indoor classes as the winter continues.

That's right, after the fall's last class in early December, I will be offering six more bookmaking classes at Green Bean! Open to Ks and First graders, the six classes will focus on interactive books with movable parts. We'll make pop ups, lift-the-flaps, wheels that spin, card games and more. I am limiting these winter classes to four children so we all have some breathing room, although if there is enough interest I am open to offering two one-hour-long segments for each class (3-4 and 4-5 or the like). You can always email me at sarahfagan@yahoo.com or petitecabbagepress@gmail.com with questions or simply to express interest! Winter classes start in January.

*** There is one more fall class in the "Books Around the World Series." While it was scheduled for Thursday, December 2nd, it has been moved to Thursday, December 9th. Hope most of you who are signed up can still make it! The date change may leave some spots open-- call Green Bean to get the scoop! We will be making wish scrolls (from Ethiopia, among other places) and reading about how children in different cultures make and grant wishes; it's more than just blowing out birthday candles!

Oh, and the wish scrolls aren't so much collage intensive or nearly as page-heavy; six children will have plenty of space to work for this one :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Opening of Object Focus: The Book

It's been a busy week!

Wednesday night saw the member/artist/staff opening of Object Focus: The Book, a new exhibit at Portland's Museum of Contemporary Craft--a show I have been helping with for the past couple of months as a curatorial assistant.

Ed Ruscha's Every Building on the Sunset Strip, often heralded as one of the first contemporary artists' books, 1966.

It is the first show in a new Object Focus series for the museum, where, each year, for several months, a different craft medium will be highlighted. The Book contains 70+ works from book artists both local and international, contemporary and historical, all handpicked from Reed College's special collection of artists' books. Over the months I had the pleasure of examining and photographing the collection for museum use, including works by Ed Ruscha, Louise Bourgeois, Kiki Smith, John Cage, Sol LeWitt, Sonia Delaunay, (Ooo, Ahhh) right down to instructors with whom I have worked, like Barbara Tetenbaum, Inge Bruggeman, and Julie Chen.

The giant accordion book that serves as wall text and an introduction to the show in the lower gallery was folded by myself after being designed and printed by the museum's in-house graphic designer, so in a way I have a book in there too ;) although that is pushing it.

What I do have the pleasure of calling my own are five essays about five of the show's artists, which appear in the exhibition catalogue.

The catalogue can be downloaded here. While a few exist in the museum, one neat thing about this catalogue is it is meant to me downloaded and printed by you at home, at your leisure, on whatever kind of paper you want. The reader/printer can then take it to a local bindery or bookbinder and have it bound specifically to fit her needs, allowing the reader to take an active role in the very world the show wishes to exhibit.

I also proofread the whole darn thing so I don't want to hear about any typos from y'all :)

It has been a crazy few weeks, especially for the full-time curatorial staff at the Museum; Bravo to all for getting it up! It has been a wonderful show to have a part in as a book artist, and an important show for the MoCC and Portland... go check it out; it runs through February 26th.

More images/links of the opening coming soon.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Festivus cards for sale!

Festivus cards went up on etsy last night!

Between etsy and the book arts sale on Saturday, it has been exciting to see the tried and true Seinfeld fans making themselves known and commenting on the cards. Equally as interesting has been seeing the looks on people's faces who aren't quite sure to make of the card.

To enlighten those of you who don't know, Festivus was the minimal holiday George's father created to celebrate in December instead of the religious alternatives.

I'll be working this week packing up the rest for both etsy and the Thanksgiving sale at my school in about two weeks. I feel like the batch is going to sell out this Festivus season!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Somewhat Silent Sunday

As the Ides of November roll around, the bird feeder is back out on the deck, and the birds are coming back.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Book Arts Sale

Before the long haul of wrapping and labeling tonight, I took some shots of my petite books and boxes available at the Book Arts craft sale tomorrow. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Festivus...

...for the Rest of Us!

Finished a set of letterpress-printed Festivus cards today, thus the pole in the previous post. If you still don't get it... you're clearly not a Seinfeld fan, so move along, move along.

For all of you loyal Jerry devotees out there who look forward each year to the feats of strength, the airing of grievances, and, of course, the pole (or can at least appreciate these references), these cards will hit the etsy shop over the weekend. They will also join other wares at this Saturday's OCAC Book Arts Sale and the annual school holiday sale!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Haven't learned my lesson

Finally got into the printshop to do some printing on the Vandercooks for the first time since I hurt my foot in May! Little printing snippets at a time so I'm not standing for too long.

I'm in the process of making some letterpress-printed cards.

Hmm, what holiday is coming up where I would have needed to print dozens of poles...? :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


The weekend isn't starting out quite a rainy as was forecasted here in Portland, but it certainly feels like fall. And I'm reminded that is has been a week since some good friends, M and A, came to visit the left coast. Here are some pictures of the visit... I think you get the gist of our adventures from these people-less shots :)

Maybe a summer visit next time?

Friday, November 5, 2010

A class and a gift delivered

Kids had a good time making Andean quipus at Green Bean yesterday afternoon! They became knot-tying experts while learning about this ancient Incan device that recorded information using knots on different colored cords. We also made quipu "keys" (like map keys) to remember which color cord stood for which subject so others can "read" our quipus (green for how many pets we have, blue for how many people we have in our family, etc.)

...Plus we learned a great new "q" word! There are only so many out there; so that was pretty exciting, too. We talked about other "q" words we knew, and came up with "quilt," "queen," and "quadruplets..." which somehow led to a discussion about Octo-Mom... !

Two weeks from now: palm leaf books.

Also excited today that my friend Marisol of ♥ and sol got a package I sent her a few days ago with some goodies and a painting. She took lovely pictures of it. And now I can finally post the secret painting ;)