Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Revisiting Paris 800 Times

Yesterday I got a big surprise when I opened my email. Fifty messages from a website I had never heard of. Let me backtrack...

Two years ago I went to Paris for ten days with three wonderful friends. I took a frugal amount of pictures on my camera; my friends took more. After a couple of years, most of the pictures were exchanged, put online, etc, but many still were not. On his week off, my friend decides to share all of the photos I may not have seen with me by uploading them to a website (sendpace.com) and then notifies my via the website that there are pictures up for me to download at my leisure.

Well. Instead of sending one, or even ten, emails, the website (in what I can only imagine is a ploy to up hits and advertising dollars) begins sending me an email with a link for every single picture that has been uploaded. When I got up in the morning there were fifty; over the next twelve hours, over eight hundred emails steadily flowed into my mailbox.

It was mildly hilarious, but looking at the images was a wonderful revisiting of the trip. And few of them felt like duplicates--we just did so much! Here are some favorites.

Big thanks to M and J for all the beautiful shots! :)



  1. im in love with the tower shot from below! gorgeous photos!

  2. Yes I'm so in love with some of those photos! Of course I can't take any credit for them. He had a much better camera than me.