Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Easy to Buy Local When Your Friends Make Ice Cream

Today was a bit on an adventure... to find some locally made holiday cards (yes, I was bad and didn't get enough at Crafty Wonderland last weekend).

1) First stop: the Publication Fair downtown where local and independent publishers, printers, and galleries were selling an eclectic mix of bound, printed matter. Ran into some people, looked around--but we were in search of last minute holiday/new year cards, which this location didn't quite fill, so I moved on to...

2) The Portland Saturday Market, Portland's street fair of food and crafts which actually takes place every Saturday and Sunday. Though this particular market alluded to the approaching Christmas holiday by subtitle, "The Festival of the Last Minute," I didn't find a single (letterpress printed) card! (as a letterpress printer I like to buy work from other printers...)

3) Oblation Papers & Press, a Portland printshop and peddler of cards, papers, and knickknacks. I found some cards (by local artists), some new paper for my book and box making (OoOo) and while in the area picked up a PINT OF HOMEMADE ICE CREAM (Aztec Hot Chocolate) from my friend Anna, whose new ice cream maker has allowed her to add creator and proprietor of mini homemade ice cream business to her list of talents.

My paper.

The ice cream (yes, she even created the label stickers!)

Though it was a cold day to be out and about, it never occurred to me to drop by the local Target or grocery store to buy mass produced cards. I feel Portlanders are encouraged to buy handmade and local (and there are so many wonderful, talented, artisans in the Northwest). Speaking of buying local, I need to mention this program that encourages buying local.

Portlanders: have you heard of Supportland?!

Spend money at 70+s locally owned and stocked shops, restaurants, salons, etc. in PDX to receive points that can be cashed in at any of said participating shops, restaurants, salons, etc. for different rewards--from a free coffee or coupons to more unique deals. This program is launching in Portland first before (hopefully) moving to other cities across the U.S. Wonderful!


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