Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hi there.

A little something I've been working on in the printshop:

I set the alphabet in Univers 36 lead type, removed the "H" and the "I," filled in the gap with spacing, and printed the rest in a wine color I mixed up from our Pantone rubber inks on the Vandercook. I then removed the alphabet, replaced the "H" and "I" and printed a blind impression with a barrier paper in between to pick up the ink; all that printed on the card was the de-bossed (opposite of embossed) impression of the letters.

Getting the second run to line up correctly was heck, heck I tell you! But I am so happy with the results!

I printed the cards on Fabriano printmaking paper, which is soft and fluffy, and holds the blind impression really well. I like that you almost need to take a second look to see the message; understated yet playful.

A limited edition is now available at my etsy shop.

Definitely more experiments with blind impressions to come!


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