Saturday, December 11, 2010

Crafty Wonderland

So my fiance and I got to Crafty Wonderland at the Portland Convention Center at about 10:30 a.m., a half an hour before Exhibit Hall C, home of the fair, opened. I figured we'd be met with some kind of line, but was not prepared for the line of nearly 1,000 people snaking through the first and second floors of the Convention Center, nor the hired guards escorting newcomers to the end of the line and ensuring no one "cut." WOW. Would love to try to get a booth next year for sure.

Once the doors opened, everyone got in pretty quickly. I saw many of my favorite local etsy shops live, which was exciting. We snagged a few small items, then mostly took notes on display... I love to see how people display their work and clever ways they set up their booths. I also noticed trends...

1) Bunting flags. Yes, we all know they've been very popular in the craft world this year. Mostly they were used for display, but in some cases it was a game for crafters: how many materials can bunting flags be made from? Paper, fabric, wood, but my personal prize for creativity goes to Ta-Dah PDX with its stained glass buntings! I imagine one would be lovely in a vintage inspired kitchen somewhere.

Reclaimed Glass Buting from Ta-Dah PDX in partnership with Trillium Artians.

2) Fake mustaches. These have also been taking etsy and craft markets by storm this year. A half an hour after the fair opened, I saw one booth whose entire stock of felted facial friends on sticks was sold out. I know my friend Marisol of heart and sol has been doing well with her line in LA, as well.

They also come in glass form... like these pint glasses from Bread and Badger.

3) Bicycle stuff. Paintings of ike whels, bicycle seat covers, prints that say "I'd rather be biking"... We are in Portland, after all.

If I had a tree, I would have grabbed an Oregon inspired ornament from Paper, Flour, Water.

'Tis the weekend for craft fairs, too. I hear the LA branch of the Renegade Craft Fair is also being held this weekend. Renegade has been happening in Chicago, Brooklyn, and San Francisco for some years now during the holiday season, but from the sound of it, this is the first year it's happening in Los Angeles. Have a great weekend, shoppers! There is much handmade to be had!


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  1. moustaches are everywhere and lots of bicycles too at the fair i went to today!