Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A (Semi) Daily Painting and Snow

They talked about it on the news all night. Traffic was slowed and everyone was advised to carry tire chains. It sounded like a blizzard was coming--but no, under an inch of snow was expected. This is apparently just what happens when it snows in Portland.

I woke up to about a half an inch of snow dusting the trees and rooftops. It was lovely. It was nothing, coming from Boston. And yet area schools were closed. Roads were littered with warning signs. Snow in Portland is scarce, but even a little bit... can be dangerous. Ther aren't many plows and the road is rarely sanded or salted. The elevation changes quickly around Portland, so a pleasant ride downtown could suddenly turn into a icy drive up the West Slope hill. And all of that infamous moisture that always seems to be in the air... that gets into your car, your locks, your window panes... freezes. Forget car doors being stuck; we couldn't even get the car keys into the locks this morning, even after pouring antifreeze on them. And so it was a brisk 1/2 mile walk to class at 16° F.

On the upside, we got lots of bird friends at the feeder this morning.

On to the painting! Lately I have been working on larger pieces, which I will begin posting soon. There have been a few smaller daily paintings though, here is one of them:

And the colors went rather nicely with the blocks painting from earlier in the fall:

On to a day of more prep work for the OCAC Holiday Craft sale happening Thanksgiving weekend!

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