Saturday, November 27, 2010

One More Day

of the annual holiday craft sale at OCAC!

Spent the day working at the sale; it was a nice end to the holiday weekend to be wrapping gifts and listening to the soundtrack from "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

Everything comes down tomorrow at 6--check it out for some wonderful handmade gifts.


  1. how wonderful! i hope u did well! i have my own market coming up on saturday. excited but not sure if many people will come, on 20 stalls. we'll see, finger crossed i actually sell something this time hahahaha

  2. With the holidays coming people should come! I'm kind of exhausted from two fairs in the the past three weeks and it's not even December yet! They can be addictive; I want to do more. I love everything you've been working on, hope I can see some in person soon.