Friday, November 5, 2010

A class and a gift delivered

Kids had a good time making Andean quipus at Green Bean yesterday afternoon! They became knot-tying experts while learning about this ancient Incan device that recorded information using knots on different colored cords. We also made quipu "keys" (like map keys) to remember which color cord stood for which subject so others can "read" our quipus (green for how many pets we have, blue for how many people we have in our family, etc.)

...Plus we learned a great new "q" word! There are only so many out there; so that was pretty exciting, too. We talked about other "q" words we knew, and came up with "quilt," "queen," and "quadruplets..." which somehow led to a discussion about Octo-Mom... !

Two weeks from now: palm leaf books.

Also excited today that my friend Marisol of ♥ and sol got a package I sent her a few days ago with some goodies and a painting. She took lovely pictures of it. And now I can finally post the secret painting ;)


  1. Agh! Your paintings are amazing. I am especially a fan of the scissors :) Can't wait to see more of what you create!


  2. Thank you! There should be another scissors painting soon... that was a fun one.