Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thingamajig Books!

Tomorrow, 11:00-noon at Green Bean Books in Portland! My first August bookmaking class for kids involves the making of paper bag thingamajig books!

What's a thingamajig book? It is a ribbon-pamphlet bound book made out of brown bag paper, inspired by the Beverly Cleary children's book Janet's Thingamajig. In it, a young girl collects little treasures (snail shells, pieces of yarn, a doll's shoe) she finds and stores them in paper bags. Our thingamajig books will act as image journals, "paper bags" to record, with drawings, all the wonderful thingamajigs we come across in our own lives but can't take with us for one reason or another (lest, for one, we have way too many paper bags, like Janet). A simple, fun and cost-effective way of collecting.

Our hour at Green Bean will include a story, a snack, two (if we have time!) book creations and a take-home kit with instructions to make more books!

More classes to come! Sign up at


  1. this looks amazing! how'd you get this cool gig?