Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boxes like Cupcakes

Crunch time in prepping for the NE Portland craft fair in mid-August! A little difficult when I'm still technically on crutches, but it keeps me busy.

I've been whitewashing a mini picket fence trellis for my garden party-themed table. I'll use it to hang a rotation of small paintings.

The table set-up also includes a three tiered glass cake display for displaying my miniature artist's books and boxes like cupcakes or petite fours. It goes with the sweets/candy theme of most of my paintings. Everything is starting to look like food... and in typical pavlovian fashion, looking at my treasure boxes now makes me crave cake.

The cake display, of course, isn't nearly as neat as the one my friend Marisol has been making (clever, clever) as seen in her blog ♥ and sol. Shout out for giving me the inspiration, though! Right now I'm still just DIY to a certain degree!

I'm practicing getting the whole set-up together. Unsold stock should be appearing in a new etsy shop later in Augsut!

1 comment:

  1. Your site is soooo cool, and your way more professional that I am you in a real craft fair making an awesome display table!!! thanks for the shout out!!
    Good luck in your fair!!!