Thursday, July 29, 2010

Craft Fair: Price Tags

With some rubber stamps and handmade paper, I set to work making price tags for my work in the craft fair.

I have heard that one important fair rule is to have the prices big and visible--as in not on the back of an item, as you might for other group shows, stores or more marketplace-like displays. It seems when people are in gift stores they are willing enough to lift an item to check for the price on the back: If it doesn't fit their budget, they can put it down and walk away. But at a fair... it's a different story. The maker is usually right there at the booth, staring at you. What if she sees you drop the item you pick up; what if it breaks in your hand right in front of her? What if you're just browsing but the artist makes you feel obligated to buy if you touch anything? What if the price is out of your league, and it shows on your face? If you touch it, will it mess up the display? What if you have to ask for a price on an item you're only lukewarm about, anyway? And when she tells you and you decide not to get it, will it seem rude?

At craft fairs, most people are "just looking." They may buy, but usually not on a mission to find one specific item and leave. There are lots of booths, and it can be overwhelming. Buyers with much to see subconsciously are just not willing to invest more energy into any given booth. Makes sense to me. Thus fun, DIY charmingly sloppy hand-stamped tags :)

More craft fair tips for the first timer at


  1. My fair was super empty so I wouldn't know, but I've also heard to have spare price tags and a pencil in case you need to bring the prices down to sell more. Than agian, your stamps are waaay too cute! And thanks for the link!

  2. Yeah I've never been present when I have sold my work before, so it is an interesting opportunity to be able to change your prices. Could be bad, though... one may be temped to lower them so they sell and then regret it later. I am ready to haggle, too. It was exciting to see you were in a fair, regardless! I never would have been confident enough to do one and and then I saw you had, so I started looking! You seem to have made so much stuff in a relatively short period of time. You keep everyone on their toes!